MAY 21st 2022

5:00 PM


Rachel and Kenneth first met during freshman orientation, at design school, in 2005. In those first couple terms, the two began a spark that wouldn’t realize again for another seven years. 

Over that time, the two remained friends but saw each other less. They talked online but weren’t able to fully connect. It wasn’t until a snowboarding trip to Mammoth that they took their friendship out of the friend-zone and into something greater.

Their adventure continued into Hollywood, where they lived a mile apart. That first year in Tinseltown was filled with all nighters and early morning coffee runs, the two were inseparable.

They continued to seek adventure in travels overseas, and in road trips across America. Along their journey they also established their design studio Current, and moved to the Arts District, which they have been calling home for the last ten years. 

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Kenneth proposed in the one place they found comfort wherever they are in the world—McDonalds. One year later they welcomed Theo into the family, their tuxedo-wearing fur ball of energy.

They’re so excited to finally celebrate this special day with family and friends. Here’s more info below. See you at the party!


Join us for the ceremony and reception in the garden of Elysian. Dancing to follow at La Cita.


No parking at Elysian, unfortunately. Please use a ride-share service, so that we can party responsibly.

Use our Uber voucher code:

For those wanting to continue on to La Cita afterwards, we will provide a car service to transport us from Elysian to La Cita.


5:00 pm    Guests Arrival
5:20 pm    Wedding Ceremony
6:00 pm    Cocktail Hour
7:00 pm    Reception Dinner
9:00 pm    After Party at La Cita


Cocktail or festive attire. Dress to impress!

The reception will take place in the outdoor garden that can get a little chilly at night—we recommend bringing a shawl or light jacket.

Choose your footwear accordingly. We’ll be dancing all night at La Cita.


We have accumulated all the things we might need, so we ask for your presence, not presents!

If you’d still like to celebrate us with a gift, we’re choosing to follow the Chinese gifting tradition of red envelope which is to bless the wedding day and married life.

We will have a box for cards and red envelopes at the wedding, or if you prefer to send us a gift digitally, please click here ︎︎︎


What time should I arrive to the ceremony?
Please arrive at Elysian at 5:00pm.

What health and safety measures will you be taking during the event?
In order to ensure fun and safety, all guests must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. We kindly ask that if you are feeling ill, receive a positive COVID-19 test, or have been exposed to COVID-19 within two weeks of the wedding to please stay home and toast us from afar.

Are kids invited?
We love your kids—we really do, but this is an adult-only occasion.

What type of food will be served during the reception?
Dinner will be served in family-style with vegetarian options. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we will prepare accordingly.

See you soon! 🥂️